Meet Adaptive Athlete: DESMOND BLAIR



Desmond Blair


DOB: August 30th, 1986

DOI: At birth

Injury: Bilateral Hand Absense

22 Desmond Blair Headshot

Desmond was born without fingers on both of his hands. As he grew, he didn’t let it define him. Instead, it increased his determination and tenacity to succeed. Once he discovered the best way to hold a pencil, he went from drawing stick figures to beautiful portraits.


After graduating high school at 16, Desmond got his degree and continued on with a Masters of Fine Arts. Today, he is an incredible artist, teacher, and speaker, along with working for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in the Information Technology Department. He uses his talents and unique life story to exemplify what is possible when you look at what you can do instead of what you can’t. 


Desmond is looking forward to dedicating time to focus on himself during the ReDefine program. He is ready to be pushed to his physical limits. At the same time, he is excited about the opportunity to gain healthy habits - both mind and body. These nine weeks will be a launch pad for Desmond to go further down the path of breaking barriers.


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