Meet Adaptive Athlete: Lauren Roerick



Lauren Roerick

DOB: April 10th, 1986

DOI: August 31st, 2012

Injury: Left Above Knee / Right Below Elbow Amputee

Lauren Roerick

As a small-town girl growing up in East Texas, Lauren had big interests in both sports and the arts. She excelled in athletics at an early age, enjoying volleyball, basketball, and track. She also had a passion for theater and music, including voice lessons and piano. At the age of 19, she had a theater screenplay published.


After high school, she started down the road to pursue philosophy, which ultimately helped spark her interest in studying Applied Rehabilitation Psychology some years later. Lauren gave birth to her first daughter in 2007.


In 2012, five months after getting married, Lauren was involved in a severe car accident that took her right arm below her elbow at the scene and her left leg above the knee later at the hospital. She stayed in the hospital for the next month before transitioning to physical and occupational therapy all while having multiple revisions on her amputations.


Post amputation, Lauren went back to school and gave birth to her second daughter, Nora in 2014. Her family moved to Dallas where she got a marketing position in the area. She also began professional motivational speaking which she enjoyed a lot.


On December 24th, 2019, Lauren gave birth to her son Seth. Tragically, five days later, her husband passed away unexpectedly in his sleep. Lauren is an absolute fighter and wanted to be part of this class to help give her the motivation to face each day.


Her goal for this program is to train her body in order to climb and terrain mountains. Before his passing, Lauren and her husband had dreams to go up to Alaska and climb mountains with her brother-in-law. Now, on her journey towards healing, Lauren plans on traveling to Alaska and spreading the ashes of her husband at the top of a mountain.


She’s also hoping this program can be a foundation to increase both her endurance and longevity as she keeps up with three growing kids. Then when the time is right, Lauren will look to get back into public speaking and sharing her story.