Meet Adaptive Athlete: MATTHEW LASTOWSKI



Matthew Lastowski


DOB: April 16th, 1981

DOI: July 8th, 2005

Injury: Above Knee Amputee

22 Matt Lastowski Headshot

Growing up in a small-town in upstate New York, there wasn’t much to do besides sports. Matthew was very involved, soccer being his favorite sport, up until he tore his ACL senior year. Right after graduation in 1999, Matthew pursued college, but opted instead to start working. He worked a few jobs before landing working as a journeyman. 


On July 8th, 2005, Matthew had a work accident. While driving a backhoe from one worksite to the next in the pouring rain, the machinery started sliding down a hill with Matthew in the cab. As it flipped, his right leg got crushed and left was amputated at the scene. At the time, his girlfriend was eight months pregnant, motivating Matthew to fight for his life. He flatlined at the hospital but was revived and put into a coma for three days. 


Now a father of four and a youth soccer commissioner and coach, Matthew is keeping busy. He’s looking forward to dedicating this opportunity at ATF to be healthy selfish and reset his mind, body, and spirit. He’s also excited to connect with and work alongside like-minded athletes as they strive for their own goals.