Meet Adaptive Athlete: Michael Murphy


SSgt Michael Murphy,

US Army, RET.


DOB: June 29th, 1990

DOI: December 4th, 2018

PATHOLOGY: Visual Impairment / Traumatic Brain Injury

Mike Murphy 26 Wide

Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Michael played every sport under the sun, but ended up sticking with endurance sports; wrestling and running being his favorites. After graduating from high school, Michael went off to college before deciding to make a change by enlisting in the US Army in 2011.


During his 10-year service, Michael worked as an unmanned aircraft systems operator but had many other roles throughout his career, leadership being his favorite. In 2015, he was deployed to Kuwait and Iraq, followed by another deployment in Germany and Greece. 


In 2018, while on deployment in Greece, Michael was involved in an accident on the airfield resulting in a traumatic brain injury that damaged his optic nerve. This ultimately led Michael to lose 80% of his sight at the age of 28.


Adaptive sports have changed Michael’s life post-injury. He currently competes in both the Warrior Games and Invictus Games and he does an array of sports from weightlifting to whitewater kayaking. During his time at ATF, Michael is looking to elevate himself in all aspects of being an athlete; physically, mentally, and emotionally so he can best prepare for upcoming competitions.