Meet Adaptive Athlete: Taylor Nichols



Taylor Nichols

DOB: December 7th, 1991

DOI: December 29th, 2017

Injury: T7/T8 Incomplete SCI - Paraplegic

Taylor Nichols

Taylor was born and raised right outside of Fort Worth where he grew up racing motocross. He found a passion for this and excelled as a kid to the point where he became an amateur pro, racing for his pro card at 18 years old. While Taylor raced, he joined an arena team that supports veterans like our friends at Spirit of a Hero and 22Kill. 


On December 29, 2017, Taylor was competing at a race in Missouri where he had a terrible crash. On a section of the track called “whoops”, a series of smaller moguls/hills in succession, Taylor hit his front end on the bottom of a hill causing him to flip over the handlebars. He landed directly on his back, fracturing his T7/T8 vertebrate. Taylor spent the next three months in Missouri going from hospitals to rehab centers until he was released to go back home.


Initially, Taylor was devastated and mad that racing, something he loved so much, could cause this much pain. That frustration has now turned into hope, as he continues to progress and get stronger. Taylor’s big goal is to get back on his feet again and help inspire others like himself. Eventually, he would like to be more involved with ATF or even start his own nonprofit to help those who are injured racing, like himself.